An Upside-Down Tree

Date: May 19, 2009
Location: Woods south of McConnellsville Rd. and north of Oswego Rd., Blossvale, New York.
Company: Lily (Golden Retriever), Bela (Labradoodle).

Weather: Sunny, windy-but not in the forest, around 65F.

It was a nice day to walk the dogs, and I hadn't been out behind what is now Amanda's plot to do some exploring. I decided on taking the dogs out at around 1:30 pm. it was not the warmest part of the day, that came later. It remained windy for the duration, but was not very noticable in the woods.

I took the dogs out to the southernmost corner of the hay lot to where there was a suspicious looking den in a manure pile. However, Lily, in her haste to outdo everything Bela does, ran up the pile and collapsed the opening of the den. So much for "leave-no-trace" ethics.

After we entered back into the wooded area, the first tick check went underway. I found one small one on myself, but none on the dogs. Luckily I caught the little bug before he tore threw my genes and to shin.

I find it amazing how following a trail one way and back again, you will notice one thing the second time through but not the first. In this journey's context it was the upside-down tree:

Imagine the chances of this. The second photo displays the top that the tree fell out of before being strategically planted in my view later on in the walk.